Shipping & Delivery

Serving  International Kittens lovers. If you do not live within driving distance from us don’t let that stop you from getting your British shorthair from us. *We have an Import/Export License from the  Pets and Wildlife Service which allows us to ship to most Countries and locations. Our kittens are shipped Nationwide and Internationally. Prices vary’s depending on location and are additional to the cost of your cat/kitten. A carrier fee is Included as well. Other fees may be included depending on shipping arrangements made. All costs will be determined at the time of purchase negotiation

Upon arrival plan to open a can of food as they will be very hungry. If you have a long drive home bring a litter box in the car and put them in it. They will arrive in a hard-sided crate with hard kibble cat food. Be sure to check their paperwork for their health record. Before shipping the kitten will see the vet for a health certificate. This will expire in 30 days so they will need to be shipped in this time frame. As soon as we have their schedule and reservation we will give you this information.

With our experience in shipping our cats, we know for a fact that all kittens are always well-taken care of upon transit to their new owners. We have only had a couple of incidences where some of our British shorthair kittens had delayed flights or had some minor problems due to a long flight. Measures have been taken to ensure our kittens are transported in the best and most favorable conditions so they get to their new owners in a perfect health state.

We do not use Delta Cargo for transporting our kittens because we don’t like to transport our kittens as cargo. We shall be shipping directly from our home where our kittens are bred and raised to any major airport closest to your address, where you will be picking up your British shorthair. The kitten could also be delivered to your doorstep from the airport. We have Pet delivery expert companies we have been working with

These delivery agency are a professional pet transporting service by air only (they do not use cargo). They have Pet Nanny that fly via commercial airlines alongside your kitten to the closest major airport where you can pick up your cat. The Pet Nanny fly’s with the kitten in-cabin of the airplane throughout their journey hand-in-hand to their final destination, and delivers to the receiver.


We reserve the right to provide whatever payment method we feel comfortable with based on our sole discretion.

When the full payment including the transportation fee is made and confirmed, we will proceed with processing the kitten’s new papers, paperwork is usually done within 6 hrs max after which the kitten is registered for transportation. Once the transportation arrangements are done and the kitten’s flight booked, all parties will receive a confirmation email that the kitten’s transport is scheduled and booked.

24 – 48 hours prior to the start of the transport, the kitten’s itinerary will be emailed to all parties (shipper and receiver). The itinerary will include all the information needed for both shipper and receiver to fulfill their roles in the transport process including transport date, time of arrival at the airport, meeting location for pick up and Pet Nanny’s contact information. (Itineraries may not be given before this time period)


We do not provide outside stud services. This policy is to protect our current/future kittens and their new families.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end once you get your kitten home. As cat lovers ourselves, we wish nothing would ever go wrong with any cat/kitten in their new homes. However, certain things are beyond our control. A kitten’s health is dependent on a number of factors like genetics, exercise, food & nourishment, and overall care. While nobody can guarantee your kitten will never have a health problem, we can guarantee we will do our best to ensure your new family member is a healthy one!

We do offer a 5 year genetic guarantee for life threatening, untreatable defects including and limited to heart defects included Scale 4 or above and any organ dysfunction and this does not include any treatable disorder.

In the event that your kitten develops an illness or untreatable, life threatening defect we will offer you another kitten of the same sex, breed and quality for which you paid for. You will be responsible for the delivery fees only for your new kitten. When making a claim we require you send us a copy of your initial vet exam and any finding upon that initial exam.

We screen family members and friends coming in to our home. We also do a comprehensive health evaluation checklist that was created by a licensed veterinarian. Prior to ever shipping a kitten. We also ensure that your kitten is up-to-date with vaccinations and has been de-wormed.

Finally, as an additional check and to activate your kitten’s Health Guarantee, we ask that you take your kitten to a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours after you receive the kitten, so we can be sure that your kitten is a happy, healthy one from the moment he or she arrives at your home.