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I hope you are well! I am writing to update Brandy’s recent life. She has been doing great adjusting to her new home. She started to play with us on her first day here. She is super active and playful. Though they still chase each other sometimes, Brandy has been getting along pretty well with our older cat. She has introduced so much joy to our life, and we feel so blessed for having her. Thank you again for providing us the opportunity!

Kirstin Everton / CA

shorthair kitten

Nala (Kimberly) is doing great! She follows me wherever I go and hangs out nearby. She still won’t let me touch her (except in bed) — but she’s inching closer to me. However, she will lick chicken livers out of my hand. I had ordered a bunch of new toys for her — and she’s in kitty heaven. She’s eating terrifically and is regular in her bowel movements. She has an interesting range of “meows.” I imagine each meow has a different meaning. I haven’t quite figured out the really loud one yet. It sounds very demanding.

Jack Johnson / NC

British shorthair

“Thank you so much for your news letter.  I love looking at your babies.  We just love our Monte, he is such a character with so much personality and rules the roost!!   He loves our daughters two Golden Retrievers when they come to visit.  The three of them sleep on the couch together. He is a wonderful cat. Please let me know if you will have teens or adult cats, I would be interested in getting a playmate for Monte. 

Monte loves to hitch a ride with my husband, enjoys snuggling in the covers and helping me in the kitchen!!

Kimberly Mason / NY