Average Weight of a British Shorthair

Average Weight of a British Shorthair

They are a large breed and it is natural body shaped. It takes about three years for them to reach maturity.

Here’s a British Shorthair weight guide by age:

AgeAverage Weight
3-month-old kitty1.4-1.8 kilograms
5-month-old kitty2.3-2.7 kilograms
7-month-old kittyAround 2.75 kilograms
9-month-old kitty3 kilograms upwards
10-month-old kitty3.5 kilograms
11- to 12-month-old kitty3-4 kilograms upwards
3-year-old cat4-8 kilograms

The size of the three-year-old British shorthair cats reached full maturity, although at a slower pace than the other may raise Cat bar.

The ideal weight – An elderly British shorthair sign a standard weight is 7.7 kilograms. The ideal weight range for your cat’s diet and exercise routine, there are a few ways to ensure that.

Colour of British Shorthair – British shorthairs are in different colors. One of the most popular is British blue, which has gray-blue fur.

Eye color: Blue, Gold, Copper, Gold, Odd-eyed

Colors: White, Blue, Shaded, Black, Smoke,  Cream, Torbie,  Red, Torbie, Brown, Silver, Torbie,  Cameo, Bluecream, Torbie,  Tortoiseshell, Tortie.See more details kittens

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